When it comes to selling reptiles, I’m not in it for the money. I enjoy caring for my reptiles and enjoy the time spent with them. I want to increase the love for reptiles in others, so I do not want to gouge other hobbyist or enthusiasts.

I charge fair prices, typically lower than the average market price. I want my animals to receive loving, ad hopefully permanent, homes.

Pricing will vary per gecko.

Please feel free if you feel the price is too high for what you’re able to pay. I am more than happy to negotiate prices and set up payment plans, especially to loving homes.


Shipping is set for overnight UPS or FedEx, depending on which may be cheaper.

I only ship Monday-Wednesday when the temperature is above freezing and below 90F. I will add hot packs or cold packs, as needed.

Shipping prices will vary from $40 to $70, depending on location. I do not charge for packaging supplies, only the cost of the shipping.