Gecko Hatchlings!

Well, the morning started off well with a leachianus hatchling. After work, I found two crested gecko hatchlings.

Although a late start, we’ve started the 2014 season. I now have four crested geckos and 1 leachianus gecko. I don’t expect a large number of hatchlings, but I do expect nice things this year.

The crested geckos are from my yellow group and should turn more yellow as they age. The leachianus gecko is 3/4 Nuu Ana and 1/4 Isle E.


yertle baby redfoot

yertle baby redfoot

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Building an Outdoor Tortoise Pen

For the next few months to come, I plan on updating the tortoise pen I’ll be building for my tortoises. The original plans were for the perimeter of the pen to be made of wood with a gate and bench to sit on, but I’ve come to the realization that will happen.

I’ve decided to go with a decorative landscape stones. We’ll bury one layer of stone half-way in the ground and stack three more stones on top. We’ll bury hardware cloth to prevent tunneling and escapes. And, set up dividers for the different species that I have.

I’m pretty excited, so look forward to seeing pictures!




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Yertle Before and After Pictures

Yertle is one of my cherry head red foot tortoises. He hated July 2010, so he’s about 3.5 years old or so. He has the brightest head of all my cherries.

Yertle currently weighs 14.59 ounces and measures about 4.5 inches long. He’s been a slow grower throughout the years; I’ve seen other cherry head red foots that measure about 6 inches at 3 years. Just because he’s small doesn’t mean he was slighted on the personality gene. This little joker is very outgoing.

The below baby pictures are from May 2011, whereas the more recent pictures are from November 2013.

yertle baby redfoot

redfoot tortoise

yertle baby red foot

red foot tortoise

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Bring Your Tortoises Inside – Cold Weather is Upon Us

Winter is upon us, so I’m recommend that you bring in your tortoises for the winter months. If you have a large tortoise like a Sulcata, Aldabra or even Leopard tortoise, set up a warming shed for your tortoise.

The winter months can be damp and cold, which can cause respiratory illness, so if you are able to, bring your pet inside for a few months until things start warming up again.

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Leachnianus Hatchlings

I’ve finally gotten around to dumping my camera. The first clutch hatched in July and is smaller than the second clutch that hatched a month later. Both clutches incubated for about 3 months or so, I was really bad this year and didn’t write lay dates down.

I can’t wait to see what these leachianus babies grow into. I’ll probably offer them for sell when they’re around 6 months or so.

clutch 1

clutch 2

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Leachianus Babies

I’m stoked about my year. I didn’t really breed anything last year, and this year has been slim. But, I’ve hatched four leachianus babies.

These babies are 1/4 Nuu Ana, 1/4 Isle E and 1/2 Pine Isle.

They each have their own little personalities, and I can’t wait to watch them grow up a little bit before they find their forever homes.

Next year, I hope to have 3/4 Nuu Ana x 1/4 Isle E hatchlings and maybe some Type B’s.  My male Type B may be too young to breed, but only time will tell if he’ll be ready next year or not.

I will post pictures soon!

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Revamped goReptiles Website

A while back, I changed hosting services, which caused me to lose the layout of goReptiles. It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally had time to sit down and redo the site.

Everything is completely revamped.

It makes me sad to lose the old look, as my dad spent a good amount of time developing it, but it was time for a change anyway.

I’ve made the website simple and clean, and I feel I’ve accomplished this goal.

It will take some time to get all the info back on here, but for this weekend, I believe I’ve done a decent job getting the design up and filling the pages.

I plan to make a few more changes:

  • Add new care sheets for bearded dragons, ball python, rosy boas, hognose snakes, Kenyan sand boas, sulcata tortoises, red food tortoises, and Russian tortoises
  • With at least 8 more care sheets, I may have to alter the ‘Care Sheet’ drop down so that it’s not excessively long. If I do this, I’ll have basic pages set up for geckos, lizards, snakes, and tortoises.
  • I will add more reptile decor to shop through, as well as edit the current layout of those pages that are currently up.
  • I will probably add a ‘Links’ page for articles and miscellaneous info to check out.

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